How to play

💸 Total supply of $CLIPS is 220b

💸 50b in the PRIZEPOOL up for grabs

💸 150b in the contract to be minted free

💸 20b for team including burns & pools

💸 You can mint $CLIPS for free, once every 24 hours

💸 The 1st mint gives you 5m $CLIPS, then 2.5m, etc

👉 The CLIP is the colorful message on the homepage

👉 The CLIP can be set by spending $CLIPS

👉 The cost of setting the first CLIP is 250k $CLIPS

👉 The cost of taking over the CLIP is the last cost + 50%

👉 The current owner can overwrite the CLIP for free

🔥 The spent $CLIPS is BURNED

👉 After 7 days the CLIP owner can claim the PRIZEPOOL

👉 The countdown restarts if anyone else takes over

Happy clipping.